Vivonics Preclinical Ltd,BioCity Nottingham
Pennyfoot Street
​United Kingdom

​​​​​​About Vivonics

Vivonics is an independent contract research organisation established in 2015.  We specialise in assessing the effects of potential new medicines on vital organ systems: the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system. 

Lack of clinical safety is a major cause of failure of drug development programmes and adverse effects on vital organs are often responsible.  Vivonics helps clients from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to identify potentially undesirable effects of drugs on vital organ function using validated preclinical in vivo assays.  Our assays provide clients with an early assessment of safety which can help them optimise molecules, assess risk/benefit and identify candidates with better safety profiles for further development. 

Our collaborations

We have active collaborations with academic colleagues at the University of Nottingham where we perform our own experimental studies.  We collaborate with Associate Professor Jeanette Woolard who heads a busy haemodynamics laboratory and research group in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Their novel in vivo cardiovascular model allows simultaneous monitoring of blood flow velocity in three different vascular beds in a whole-model system.  The model is used routinely, by both academic and industrial sponsors, for drug development studies with novel compounds to investigate regional haemodynamic changes.  It is also used to elucidate the cardiovascular effects of clinically available drugs (Carter et al., 2017. FASEB J. 31(3):1193-1203).

Vivonics is pleased to be part of the INSPIRE consortium, a European training network in Safety Pharmacology supporting 15 Early Stage Researchers with the goal of exploring new technological capabilities, addressing emerging safety pharmacology concerns  and delivering novel solutions for cardiovascular safety assessment.

Our background

The team at Vivonics has many years’ experience working in both drug discovery and safety assessment groups in large-pharma (AstraZeneca, Organon, Schering Plough) and CROs (Quintiles, Aptuit) and are able to advise on all aspects of preclinical safety pharmacology.  We also have specialist practical skills, equipment and UK Home Office licences necessary to conduct early stage in vivo studies to the highest standards. 

Matt Skinner (PhD, DSP) is founder and co-director of Vivonics and has over 20 years' experience working with in vivo models in both academia and industry.  Matt is a member of the Safety Pharmacology Society and has Diplomate status.  He is also an active member of several HESI cardiac safety working groups and has authored many publications in the field of safety pharmacology.  Link to publications on ResearchGate.

​Chris Pollard (PhD) is a preclinical cardiovascular safety and ion channel expert, with 26 years’ experience of drug discovery. He has held memberships of the Physiological Society, British Pharmacological Society and Safety Pharmacology Society. He is an honorary lecturer at Manchester University and is the author of many publications in the fields of drug safety and ion channel pharmacology.